Axigen X2: Your Axigen Experience Times Two
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Officially we're an Axigen Reseller!


Unofficially, we're Canada's only Axigen Reseller and Partner.

We are excited to represent Axigen in Canada as their first and only reseller from coast to coast. The Axigen platform brings together everything you'd expect in a modern email collaboration system.

We started investigating the Axigen platform about a year ago when support from our other vendor started to waiver. Updates seemed to be less and less and when they did get deployed, the seemed to cause more issues than they fixed. Technical support also started to seem to be less helpful and we kept going in circles with them never getting the problems solved. Like many organizations, we started shopping around.

We went through a couple of different platform solutions before setting in on the Axigen platform. Axigen is an amazing platform that offers so much similar to many other third party solutions such as Kerio Connect, Zimbra, and ice warp. Its a European owned solution and thereby doesn't play into the U.S. laws that have been affecting people as of late.

Their support staff was super helpful and knowledgeable and working with them we knew we found a better solution over our existing platform that allowed us to maintain the same functionality that our clients have come to expect and allowed us to migrate them over to the new platform fairly effortlessly and with next to zero interruption of service availability.

In our own datacenter, where we handle companies emails on our own High Availability platform, known as mailhive, we've been able to migrate almost all of out existing subset of customers over to the new platform with no issues. The migration tools built into the platform and the support from their team has allowed us to feel more secure and confident in the solution we are rolling out in our cloud infrastructure and to our on-premise clients who are hosting their own email services.

To learn more about axigen and what it can do for you, drop us a line, or click here to learn more from our dedicated overview page.